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Monet's Journal of the Uninteresting

For stuff that doesn't interest you

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20 October
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Who am I, you ask? Okay, probably not - but since you're looking in this section, I'll tell ya'!

I'm an Asian gal who's lived in the south all her life :) I graduated from the University of GA (Go Dawgs!) in 1999 with a degree in Marketing and now a marketing coordinator in a cable advertising company that I've been working in since I gradutated.

I babble when I write entires about most anything... and everything. I don't live in a really interesting life, but as a whole, it is still a pretty happy and good life!

I'm passionate about my favorite TV show (which is ::sniff:: gone) and just TV in general. Also, about celebrities that I will never meet and the whole life of Hollywood! :D

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